Immigration Reform Supporters Rally to Reinvigorate Cause

A 2007 rally for immigration in New York. (Photo by Boss Tweed)

Immigration reform supporters will rally in New York City and across the country on October 5 to reinvigorate the push for federal immigration legislation. The rally builds on a past demonstrations, like this one from 2007 in New York. (Photo by “Boss Tweed,” Creative Commons license)

Following a summer of sluggish legislative work on immigration policy, activists in New York and across the country will rally to reinvigorate immigration reform on Saturday, October 5, which organizers are calling the National Day for Immigrant Dignity and Respect.

New York City is one of more than 60 cities nationwide where pro-immigration demonstrators will gather to demand progress and change to the country’s current immigration policies, which affect more than 11 million undocumented immigrants nationwide.

The New York Immigration Coalition (NYIC), an umbrella immigration policy and advocacy organization, is one of several groups on the mobilization committee for the October 5 rally in the city. Thanu Yakupitiyage, a spokeswoman for the Coalition, said that the rally will be particularly significant in New York City, as one of the country’s five most immigrant-dense metropolises.

“This is a highly significant event for New York because of the number of immigrants and their family members who are New Yorkers,” said Yakupitiyage.

The New York rally will begin at noon at Cadman Plaza in Brooklyn, where a lineup of immigration advocates will speak. At 1:30 p.m., those gathered will march across the Brooklyn Bridge and disband upon arriving in Manhattan. The entire event including the rally and the march is expected to last for about three and a half hours.

“The emphasis will be on very short, very quick action,” said Yakupitiyage. “Thousands will come out to create this wave of energy, and though we’ll disperse in Manhattan, the importance is that immigrants are coming together for this period of time to make an impact together.”

New York March for Immigrant Dignity and Respect poster (Courtesy of the New York Immigration Coalition)

New York March for Immigrant Dignity and Respect poster (Courtesy of the New York Immigration Coalition)

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