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Mayra Hidalgo has advocated to make the campus at Sarah Lawrence immigrant-friendly. (Photo by Julius Motal/Voices of NY)

A Life Measured in Two-Year Increments

As the Obama administration delays executive action on immigration reform, a DREAMer is left in limbo.

Prekindergarten can be a boost for parents, as well as children. (Photo by John Donaghy, via Flickr Creative Commons)

Universal Pre-K Offers Immigrant Mothers an Economic Boost

The city’s new program will allow many in low-income communities to take up paid work.

Aches and Pains Offer Window to Deeper Problems

Aches and Pains Offer Window to Deeper Problems

Treating “somatic” ailments offers a path to addressing mental illness in the Asian-American community.

Photo by Nabil Rahman

How to Become Punjabi in New York City

An Indian immigrant rediscovers his Punjabi language and identity in New York City.

Elena Garcia outside her sister's "ghost house." (Photo by Zaira Cortés)

Ghost Houses, Home to No One

In Mexico, a luxurious house sits empty while its owner toils in the Bronx.

Miguel Cabrera, with some of his onyx carving work. (Photo By Zaira Cortés)

Treasures Lost to Immigration: Young People, Old Skills

San Antonio Texcala, Mexico, has become a ghost town after the collapse of its onyx industry.

photo by Zaira Cortés

Puebla to the Bronx: Three Decades of Exodus

Migration from Zapotitlán Salinas has transformed the Mexican region, leaving elderly people and children wandering empty streets.

An image from Voices of NY's video on the Rego Park Senior Center. (Video by Channon Hodge and Cheryl Chan)

Special Project: Graying in Color

Demographics, Featured Posts, Social Services September 14, 2012 at 4:49 pm

Getting old in New York City, it turns out, can actually be pretty fun. Voices of NY’s four-part multimedia project reports on how some of the city’s senior centers are finding new ways to create welcoming environments for seniors of all cultures, help seniors to stay in their longtime communities, and encourage seniors themselves to help fill the gaps caused by tight budgets and inadequate staffing.

At the Baruch Elders Services Team program in the Lower East Side, seniors help serve meals. (Still from a video by Channon Hodge)

Graying in Color: Seniors Helping Seniors

Demographics, Social Services September 14, 2012 at 12:38 pm

In New York City, there’s no rest for the retired. As senior centers struggle to serve a growing and increasingly diverse elderly population, they often find themselves turning to the seniors themselves for help, as volunteers and part-time workers.

At Baruch Houses, a development in the Lower East Side, the residents have aged together, and now need senior services nearby. (Still from a video by Channon Hodge)

Graying in Color: Aging in Place

Social Services September 13, 2012 at 3:06 pm

What happens when a whole block or housing development gets older together? “Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities,” known as NORCs, sometimes compel the city to bring the services to the seniors.

Seniors from the LGBT community celebrated the opening of a senior center designed to meet their needs, SAGE. (Photo by Channon Hodge)

Graying in Color: A Haven For LGBT Seniors

Demographics, Social Services September 12, 2012 at 10:21 pm

A center for LGBT seniors and another for visually impaired seniors are among a handful of new, “innovative” centers that tailor their environment to seniors’ particular needs and interests. Other centers include community gardening programs, vegetarian cuisine, swimming and watercize classes and training on everything from using Skype to bird-watching.

On Latino Turf, Bangladeshis Seek Sliver of Power

On Latino Turf, Bangladeshis Seek Sliver of Power

Elections 2012, Featured Posts, Politics, South Asian September 11, 2012 at 6:14 pm

Two Bangladeshis will run next year for a city council seat in the Bronx, but some worry that the Bangladeshis – a new but growing immigrant community – are reaching for too much too early. They question the value of fielding a Bangladeshi candidate against a political machine that favors Latinos. For many, the question hinges on who wins this week’s 87th Assembly District primary.

An image from Voices of NY's video on the Rego Park Senior Center. (Video by Channon Hodge and Cheryl Chan)

Graying in Color: Aging Actively Among Your Own

Demographics, Social Services September 11, 2012 at 5:54 pm

To serve New York City’s growing – and increasingly diverse – elderly population, senior center organizers are abandoning the “one size fits all” approach to senior care, and instead gearing programs to specific populations and cultures.

(Photo by James Leynse/CORBIS via The Gotham Gazette)

Voices in Focus: Primary Election Guides

Elections 2012, Politics September 10, 2012 at 12:06 pm

In case you haven’t decided who you’ll vote for in this Thursday’s primary elections, there are plenty of voter guides and candidate profiles in the city’s community press to help you make up your mind. Here’s a sampling, including a video of a singing candidate from the Bronx.

Zaheen Khan will be senior this fall at DeWitt Clinton High School where students get on long lines to go through security. ‘It’s just sad,’ he said, ‘Ten years ago this school was safe, it was one of the best schools. The mentality is different. If I went to a regular school, I wouldn’t know all this. I know how to act like a terrorist. I could teach you a thousand ways to sneak in a blade.’ (Photo by Marisol Diaz/The Riverdale Press)

Voices in Focus: The High Cost of School Security

Education, Health September 7, 2012 at 6:38 pm

We have three thought-provoking pieces from the ethnic and community press today, as we go into the weekend: a look into school security in the Bronx; an analysis of U.S. circumcision rates; and a portrait of an Aztec dance group that worships and performs in city parks.